About Us

Hello I am Rebekah, owner of Traditions by Marble Gypsy

Hi, my name is Rebekah, founder and owner of Traditions by Marble Gypsy.
I have always been a creative soul. I started Marble Gypsy in 2013 as an outlet to express myself and my style.

This business has allowed me to support my son, Alex, and I and stay connected to my “ranchy roots”, all while changing the lives of my customers one fabulous piece at a time.

When I started the business, I was working on the ranch. Marble Gypsy style was designed to fit the lifestyle I was a part of daily. Over the years life has changed. I have changed. Marble Gypsy has changed. So, going forward into 2023, I will be bringing you Traditions by Marble Gypsy. We will have styles that work for everyday ladies headed off to work at the bank, as a teacher, realtor, etc. We will be offering a larger array of sizes and products. I am so excited to bring new things to the business.

One thing that will not change is that I will always be a country girl and you will always see those Western flair touches in our choices and style. The Western lifestyle and Traditions I grew up with will always influence my business.

What we do at Marble Gypsy is rooted in supporting and encouraging women through great fashion. Supporting each other and lifting each other up is very important to both Marble Gypsy and to me personally. We strive to provide strong customer service in-store and online, and we choose suppliers who do the same.

Marble Gypsy has something for every woman. I can’t wait to bring our style to you. Look for Traditions by Marble Gypsy on social media and register for our weekly emails. We will keep you updated on weekly releases and sales. Watch our video post for try on videos and how we style our items.

Our style is unique with a touch of western flair – whether you’re dressing it up or down, heads will be turning! Any of our unique pieces can be styled your way to create a look that is uniquely you.

Stop in our shop at Branson Landing in Branson, Missouri, and let us help you express your style!